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Jon and Yoshi

"Woof n' Stuff is one of the best things that has happened to our family!  Right from the beginning we knew Mike was going to be able to handle Yoshi:  a young, dominant, stubborn male pit bull.  During our first training session, Mike taught us many important techniques when working with disobedient dogs.  Yoshi responded immediately to Mike's commands, which paved the way for our success.  We also utilize Woof n' Stuff for daily walks and overnight visits.  The walkers always leave a handwritten note behind letting us know how each day's walk went.  It's such a comfort knowing that they were here to care for Yoshi during the day and we are big fans of the personalized touch with their walking service!  When we've had to change schedules or need a last minute walk, it has never been an issue.  Our minds are also at ease while we are away, because we know Yoshi is in trusting hands with Mike and Andrew.  They are extremely patient with Yoshi's persistence and treat him as if he was one of their own fur babies."

Kieran and Seamus & Oisin

"Mike and Andrew from Woof n' Stuff are more than a dog walking/sitting service company. They are personally connected to my two dogs and have been with me from the very first day I brought Seamus home (now 4 and a half, boxer) through today when I watched them take Seamus and my 1 and a half year old Dobe pup, Oisín, to their home while I am out of the country for the next four days. They are dear friends and pup guardians. My dogs love the guys even more than I do! and Seamus’s and Oisín’s love for Mike and Andrew is palpable. I cant even describe the sense of relief and satisfaction as a pet parent leaving town – or leaving home to go to work – knowing that my dogs are safely cared for and that heaven forbid there are any health issues, the guys at Woof n' Stuff will handle them promptly and professionally in the consummate manner they run their company. These guys take this work extremely seriously and it is clearly a passion project for them both – ‘Pups First – everyone else get in line’ is the ethos as I see it and I could not recommend them highly enough for their passion, excellence in care, commitment and professionalism. Oh and the clear love that they have for my dogs – well it just makes my heart leap. These guys are the best around. Call them, and if you’re very lucky they’ll be able to add your pooch to their roll call. Schools in for pups – and its never been better!!"

Ellen and Benny

"Woof n’ Stuff has been a godsend for me over the past couple of years.  When Mike met my Benny I knew instantly that he was going to be a perfect fit for me.  He’s amazing with dogs!  Benny can be pretty picky with who he befriends and he bonded with Mike almost instantly.  Woof n’ Stuff has always been there for me when I needed them.  If I had an emergency trip coming up or couldn’t make it home in time to feed and walk my Benny, they were there doing it for me.  When I went on vacations they boarded Benny at their home and I always left knowing my boy was in good hands.  I adopted a very special needs dog that I had to nurse back to health and Mike was right there with me and I believe if not for him I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  Clara did not like to be touched or bothered in any way and even while trying to bite him and protesting his help, Mike jumped right in and took care of her as best he could.  When I could trust nobody else to help me with her, he was right there by my side.  Mike makes sure his business goes above and beyond and I highly recommend him for any needs your companions may have."

Bianca and Minnie

"I am so glad that I found Woof n' Stuff. Mike and his team have been a huge help. We use them for daily walks and couldn't be happier. We had been dealing with some minor behavioral issues with our newly adopted dog and Mike was a lifesaver. I credit his walks with significantly improving our dog's behavior on leash and at home. I have also gone with Mike on a training walk - which was a huge help in terms of getting me to see what I could do to gain more control while still respecting our dog's curiosity. I also recommend booking Mike for grooming! It is so nice to be able to drop our dog off with a groomer that my dog and I both know and trust and Mike does a great job - he even cleans teeth!"

Mary and Nicky

"It was a happy day when I found Mike/Woof n' Stuff!!  I was in a terrible bind with 2 dogs and a cat that I needed care for.  Mike came over to meet them and has been taking care of them ever since…!  He is reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and an all-out nice guy!  My animals LOVE him and I would highly recommend him to ANY and ALL animal lovers out there!"

Todd and Sidney

"I got a black lab puppy for my birthday and Sidney quickly took a place in my heart. However, she was such a little devil! Regardless of all the books and tips from neighbors and friends, Sidney would not obey or allow me to train her. I met Mike and after 1 session with her, she was a totally different pup. Mike really had command of her and quickly taught me how to work with my puppy. Over time Mike earn my trust and he watch Sidney while I would travel for work. Each time I came home Sidney had learned a new command and was breaking old habits. I would highly recommend Mike for any type of service with your dog. Meeting him really changed my relationship with my pet and has created a perfect environment with my dog at home."

Thomson and Joey

"When John and I first adopted Joey, he was a hand full! Joey was skin and bones with no house training. We interviewed a bunch of dog walkers in the area and we were impressed by how caring, loving, and patient Mike was with Joey. Mike stayed a while and spoke about Woof n' Stuff's approach on young rescued puppies. We hired Woof n' Stuff immediately. Throughout the years, Mike demonstrated how professional and flexible he is with our dynamic work schedules."

Mary and Briscoe

"We couldn't be more thrilled to work with Mike and Woof n' Stuff! We adopted our Bichon Briscoe in early December and knew we needed a walker during the day but also help with training. (Briscoe loves people but was a huge pain to walk as he was incredibly aggressive with ALL dogs). After our initial meeting with Mike we were sold. He was/is exactly who we needed! Mike gave us tips for how to work with Briscoe inside our home, while he worked with him on their daily walks. Mike really knows his stuff and is very in tune with what dogs need (or don't need). I've learned a lot from him and how to be a better parent to Briscoe! I recommend him to everyone looking for a walker and/or trainer, and we (including Briscoe!) are incredibly lucky to have had him recommended to us! "

Mark and Dolly

"Once I adopted my sweet Dolly almost a year ago, the first phone call I made was to Woof n' Stuff to make sure she had daily mid-day walks as I work long hours and it was the best call I could have made. Beyond the daily walks (they always leave a cute report card of 'tasks' accomplished which is very helpful), they groom her when needed and they have welcomed her into their home when I've had to travel. Woof n' Stuff make being a single dog parent a lot easier and I am so grateful for the wonderful care they provide for my senior pooch!"

Selby & Rob and Butters & George

"We've had Woof n' Stuff taking care of our dogs with daily walks, frequent pet-sitting appointments, and even occasional grooming services for two years, and we wouldn't trust our pups to anyone else. Mike and Andrew are flexible, easy to work with, and most importantly, they clearly love and care for our dogs as much as we do. Thanks to their experience in dog training, our dogs are even better behaved since working with them and no longer have trouble living in a city with bicycles and joggers. We are glad to have our dogs and home in their care."

Elad and Baeley

"I've worked with Mike and Andrew ever since I got Baeley, about two years now.  From day one they have been very accommodating of my crazy work schedule, adding extra walks on short notice when I've been stuck super late at work.  They've also been an invaluable resource to a first time dog owner, with a rescue dog that came with an unexpected set of issues.  I could always count on them to be available with good advice when needed.  I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone."

Natalie and Gatsby

"I have used Mike's dog walking services since I adopted my dog, Gatsby, five years ago. He is incredibly reliable and always there for me in a pinch.  Not only is he an excellent dog walker, he also demonstrates strong intuitions when it comes to animals. His training abilities are more than on point. Sometimes it seems like he is correcting a behavior in a dog before it has a chance to become an issue.  Most importantly, Gatsby adores him."

Bob & Carol and Harry

"Mike and Andrew are terrific. But I think our Springer Spaniel Harry relays the message best. His normal walk time is around 11 AM. At 10 AM he takes up position sitting at attention staring at the front door and doesn’t budge until he hears Andrew. After their walk, he returns smiling, bouncing, panting and ready for his mid day nap.  Life is good."

Linda and Ziggy

"Almost 2 years ago I was lucky to rescue Ziggy from an abusive situation and have become overprotective of this little dog.   Going on vacation with my family was very stressful because I just didn't know who I would be able to trust with Ziggy.   Then I found Mike Hains at Woof n' Stuff! I've trusted Mike to take care of my Ziggy when I'm away for 2 years now and have been able to have TOTAL peace of mind knowing that this caring man is taking care of my little guy. I cannot stress how much I appreciate and trust Mike."

Iris and Sparky

"We have been using Woof n' Stuff for a few years now.  Our services started out as mostly dog walking with a little training of an unruly, but lovable dog!  They are highly dependable and have lots of patience with Sparky, a five year-old border-collie mix.  They are completely trustworthy!  They have a key to our house, and will take in the garbage can too if needed.  I highly recommend their services.  You will not be sorry.  Sparky enjoys his play dates with Andrew!  And, they leave a little report card for your review!"

Ellie and Kahli

"Mike is wonderful with animals! I was struggling a lot training my first ever puppy, and his patience and insight really helped me and her out. My dog loves to walk with him (and now, with me as well). Mike helped me build an incredible relationship with my dog, and she loves to stay with him when I need someone to watch her overnight!"

Ashleigh and Melvin

"We have been using Woof n' Stuff for dog walks for over three years now, and we love them. Even more so, our dog LOVES Andrew. He might even like him more than he likes his owners! The best things about these dog walkers are that they are reliable and VERY flexible, which is necessary with our hectic work schedules. Would highly recommend their services!"

Stef and Tucker

"Tucker gives Woof n' Stuff two enthusiastic paws up! Mike is attentive, knowledgeable, flexible and reasonably-priced. Your pup will be in great hands."

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