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Please make sure you fall within our Coverage Area.

Because we offer such inclusive and personally perfected services, our availability and quality of attention to all of our clients is extremely important to us. Please see policies regarding canceling visits, evening/weekend/holiday charges, and service availability. In fact just give the whole policy page a read. The guidelines we painstakingly developed are what allow us to provide the satisfactory services we are so well known for.

We are bonded and insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

Free Meet and Greet

This initial visit will give us a chance to get to know each other and go over important information about the proper care of your pet and home. We want to find out as much information as possible in this meeting so that we can ensure the superior service you and your pet deserve. This will also give us an opportunity to fill out the necessary paperwork and answer any questions you may have. Please have an extra key available in the case that we are a good fit for each other and you would like to use our services. Your key will be cross coded without your address or personal information on it or near it for your security.

Additional meet and greets will cost $10.

Dog Walking

Not just your average walk. We move at a pace that you think is most comfortable for your pup. Our walks are one-on-one so your companion gets all the attention they need.

We only do walks with 1 or 2 additional dogs with the approval of all parties involved and usually only as a way to help socialize younger or anxious dogs.


Working with an obedience trainer?  We can easily learn and incorporate the training commands into your dogs daily walks.  Let us know what we can do to help.


  • 15 minute - $13.00 (generally for senior dogs and puppy potty breaks)

  • 30 minute - $17.00

  • 45 minute - $21.00

  • 60 minute - $26.00


$5 for each additional dog per 30 min.

Go full-time! Book 3 or more regular walks a week and save $1 on each service.

The will be an additional fee for walks that occur on:

  • Evenings (after 6pm) - $2

  • Weekends - $3

  • Holidays - $5

100% of extra fees go to your walker.

Dog Boarding

Bring your pup to our house for a sleep over. What better place for your pup to be, while you’re away, than their favorite walker's home? We want your companion to have fun while they're at our home so we play games, lay on the couch and go for long walks. Take the worry away from leaving your pet with someone and find comfort in knowing you're leaving them in our capable hands.

$60 per night

$25 for each extra dog

$15 extra per night during holiday periods.

Full-time clients get $10 off each night.

This service is limited by availability so book early!

Cat and Critter Visits

Let us come to your home when you’re away and cuddle with your kitty or little critter. We spend a lot of time with dogs so it’s always an absolute joy to visits cats. We will feed, change out the litter box or bedding, dig their toys out from under the couch, give them a treat, and bring a little excitement to their day while you’re away.

20 minute - $12.50

For cats we insist on no less than 1 visit a day while you’re away. Critter visits vary by species so just contact us about your specific needs.

Pet Taxi

We know your pets can be busy too. Your furry friends or other critters can get a ride from us to their appointments.

$10 each way

This service is specifically for city living. If the destination is further than a 5 mile radius, extra charges will apply.

We can also accompany them while they are visiting the vet or groomer. Charges for accompaniment vary. Let us know what you need and we’ll come up with fair compensation for our chaperone.

Behavior Training

Book us for a behavioral assessment for free so we can help you decide how to start taking steps to improve your dogs behavior. One meeting may be all it takes to set you down a path that not only makes your pet happier but your entire household (and maybe even neighbors as well).

The first 30 min session is free. Pricing for behavioral help varies from pet to pet so this meeting will be used to discuss what we can do and what we charge for it.

We can help you with pulling on the leash, and basic commands like sit, stay, and down. We can help you come up with a solution for a range of anxieties, whether it’s separation, social, or it’s related to something specific like skateboards, the mailman, or the door bell. We also offer puppy and new adoption/foster behavior training and acclimation.

Please let us know if you have any questions about products for your pets. Whether it’s toys or corrective/restraining devices, we are constantly researching new products and might be able to point you in the right direction. We’re not going to judge you on using shock or correction collars, but we will try to help you come up with alternate solutions to your pups behavioral issues.

We do not work with severely anxious or aggressive dogs, but we know people who can help and would be happy to send you in the right direction.


Life is busy. Part of what makes Woof n’ Stuff great is that we don’t stop at making your life easier by just walking your dog or feeding your cat. We can trim nails, bathe, brush out, do dental maintenance and also minor hair trimming or even clipping or brushing out mats.

No animal is alike, even if they are the same species. Size, temperament, species, and type of service needed is different for every pet. Remember, we love our critter friends too and might be able to help you with whatever hygiene or living condition issues you may have.

This service is very limited. Please contact us to get an affordable quote and set up an appointment.

We do not groom animals that are excessively aggressive or anxious, but we might know someone who does.

Fetch Service

We can deliver your pet supplies for you, as well as run clothes to the dry cleaner, grab groceries, stop at the post office, or almost anything you can think of. We also offer home appointment attendant service where we will wait in your home for utility installation, scheduled home repairs, maintenance or package deliveries.

Rates for these services are on an individual need basis. Inquire within.

Lockout Key Service

Consider us your extra set of keys! Come pick them up from us, if we’re available, at no cost or have us bring your keys to you for cheaper than hiring a locksmith.

Lockout service key delivery - $20

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Coverage Area

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Our coverage area is flexible depending on the service needed.

Contact Us if you are outside of the area shown below.

South Philadelphia


  • Bella Vista

  • Dickenson Narrows

  • Passyunk Square

  • Newbold

  • Queen Village

  • Pennsport

  • Greenwich

  • Hawthorn

  • Graduate Hospital

  • West Snyder

  • Point Breeze

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