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Woof n’ Stuff aims to help you reach a balance with your lifestyle and your home companions


Being raised on a cattle farm in the Midwest, I was constantly surrounded by animals. From dogs to horses, my introduction to animal care began with a sense of duty. In order for my family to survive, we focused on our animals and grew food from the land. I participated in Future Farmers of America, a program that provides skills to students who are interested in a future in animal care. I excelled at any advanced life sciences I could get my hands on. At Delaware Valley College, I studied animal behavior and animal care as well as classes focusing on current training techniques, nutrition, enrichment, and anatomy and physiology. As a student I was very busy. While I was learning about the natural world in the classroom, I was also learning valuable skills, hands-on, at the Philadelphia Zoo. With the completion of college, holding a BS in Zoological Sciences and 10 years of zoological experience under my belt, I did what anyone else would do, I decided to work with dogs.

I’ve always had a passion for the canine family due to their readiness to communicate with me, but what really got me into pet care was a few requests from neighbors for help with behavior issues they were having with their pets. I realized I could be of use and immediately started volunteering at the PSPCA so I could get experience from people who spend their lives helping dogs find their forever homes. I learned many things about dog behavior that rounded out and complimented a lifetime experience with a multitude of different species of animals. I decided I needed to work for a dog walking company and was surprised at how basic it was. After 8 months, I decided I could offer what they offer, and more, on my own.

When I started Woof n’ Stuff with my husband, Andrew, we declared we wouldn’t be a company that seeks to make money as a primary goal. Instead, we wanted to provide a service that meets individual needs. What we offer that’s different from most other dog walking companies is the special attention we give to each individual client, a lifetime of animal care experience, and the ability to help clients do more than divert their dogs energy while they are away. Woof n’ Stuff aims to help you reach a balance with your lifestyle and your home companions. We want you to feel more than comforted by our services, we want you to see the results!

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