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Welcome to Woof n' Stuff!


As the name implies, we at Woof n’ Stuff do more than just “Woof", we do other “Stuff” too. Our dog care is exemplary, but we're more than your average dog walkers.


Whether you’re new to the city, feeling guilty about leaving your dog at home for long periods of time, potty training, worried about your senior dog, weekend plans, going on vacation, need a bath or nails done with no hassle, tired of imposing on your family/ roommates or trying to curb separation anxiety, we’ve got you covered. 


And that’s just the “Woof” part of what we do! We can also take care of any sort of critter you may have, whether it’s scaly, feathered, or super tiny and furry. We offer an array of services and even if you don't see one offered you have but to ask.


Expert Dog Walkers

Woof n’ Stuff only employs the best of the best when it comes to dog walkers. We know how important it is for you to feel like your companion is safe in our hands. We provide basic dog walks as well as longer walks for those dogs who just can’t seem to sit still. Let us get to know your pup so we can come up with the absolute best walking experience possible. We do not group walk. We have been known to walk doggie friends together or even help make doggie friends for those pups who need socializing with other dogs. Ask us about it!


Let your best friend stay at our place while you’re away! As dog owners we understand the hesitation of taking your companion to a kennel. Our guy needs special care and the thought of leaving him in a cage while we have to be away from home causes instant anxiety for us and him. There are some amazing kennels out there but the next best thing to a pet’s home is always going to be someone else’s home. We can also take care of your little critters too. PLEASE let us take care of your chinchillas, iguanas, tarantulas, or any other out of this world pets. We have experience caring for all of them. These services are limited by availability, so the more notice you give us the more likely we’ll be able to help. Questions about pricing for critter boarding? Contact us!

New Addition to the Family?

New puppy/kitten, adoption, or first time foster care? Considering an aquarium for the first time? Curious about scaly friends as pets? Woof n’ Stuff has all the experience you need for potty training advice and behavior consultation. We also have professional experience to help with most of your aquatic and terrestrial aquarium needs. Contact us with any question you may have, I’m sure if we can’t help you, we know someone who can.

Senior and Special Needs Pets

We have a lot of experience working with animals that have special needs, from needing insulin shots to anxiety and older age. We want to give you absolute piece of mind when it comes to the quality of care we provide your special needs companion.

Cat and Critter Visits

We love all animals here at Woof n’ Stuff. While you’re away, we can visit your home to feed your feline friends, scoop their litter, and provide belly rubs till their hearts are content. Other pets need love too. We will feed your pet tarantula, sprinkle some kibble on your goldfish, and even mist your chameleon.

Home Services

Woof n’ Stuff will always clean up a mess your pet leaves at no charge because, as they say, S*%^ happens. We offer other services such as pet taxi to places like the vet or groomer or from your home to ours and back. We understand that life is busy, so we also provide a chaperone service, when we can, so that you don’t have to take the day off to run errands for your pet. We can pick up pet food, help you find the items you need to make you and your pets lives better, bring in the mail, water the plants, and/or feed your other pets. Let us know how we can tailor our services to you.

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